FBCA (First Baptist Christian Academy) began as a kindergarten for the local community in 1964.  Mrs. Joan Hamlin served as the administrator leading it to grow to 18 sections of kindergarten.  In the early 70’s, as the public schools began to offer kindergarten, First Baptist expanded the academy to include a preschool program for three and four year olds as well as kindergarten.  Visions of an elementary school took shape in the 90’s as the elementary school began to grow one grade level at a time completing the sixth grade in 2000.

FBCA launched 7th grade in 2012 and 8th grade in 2013, as they faithfully continued the process of expanding the ministry of educating today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders for society.  Currently FBCA serves approximately 300 students in preschool through grade seven offering full-day kindergarten and up to two sections of each grade.  FBCA values a low teacher/student ratio, and class sizes are limited to no more than 20 students.


At FBCA we understand that all students are created and loved by God. We exist to provide a Christ centered Bible-based education. Along with high academic standards, we emphasize the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a worldview based on the truth of God’s Word. We encourage students to strive to reach their full potential through their study of academics and scripture, to discover the gifts and talents God has given them, and to answer God’s spiritual calling to serve others for His glory.