Biblical Foundation

As a Christian school, First Baptist Christian Academy upholds the Bible as the ultimate source of truth on all matters it addresses. We believe that it tells the story of history, communicates God’s true philosophy, morality, and life principles, and reveals man’s ultimate hope, redemption through Christ.

As the Bible relates the history of man and the world it communicates three critical points:

1 Creation:

God created the universe and all life according to His orderly design, and He created man and woman in His image as the jewel of creation. As the designer, His purpose for creation and man is the most fulfilling purpose man can pursue.

2 Fall:

Adam and Eve, the ancestors of all mankind, intentionally disobeyed God committing the first sin. Because of man’s disobedience to God, mankind has inherited a fallen, sinful nature, and the earth is no longer in its originally ideal state. Sinful mankind is thus separated from Holy God, destined to physical death and spiritual judgement, and required to provide for himself with toil in a broken, less-ideal world.

3 Redemption:

As a loving God, God is working to redeem mankind and earth from the curse of sin to a restored relationship with Himself. He ultimately provided for this redemption by sending Jesus as the perfect atonement for man’s sin. By placing personal faith in Jesus and asking God to forgive and save us, men, women, and children can be redeemed, accounted holy, and become destined to live eternally with God. Ultimately, God will redeem even creation to Himself through the work of Jesus.

This Biblical view of the history and future of creation form the foundation of FBCA philosophy, and these values drive the administration, mission, curricular decisions, and instructional practices of this school.

The Bible also communicates five other philosophical views that are critical to the work of education and specifically to the ministry of FBCA:

1 Man’s Value:

The basis for mankind’s value is that he and she are created in the image of God. We are social, intelligent, creative, lingual, moral, powerful creatures created at the pinnacle of creation. This is ultimately why we have school. Man’s value is not based on the extent to which he exhibits the image of God but simply that he is created in the image of God. Believing that mankind’s value is founded on any different basis leads to disastrous morality.

2 Man’s Earthly Purpose:

God, the Creator, specifically instructed mankind to fill, populate, subdue, and run planet earth. God created the earth in such a way that man can discover it, manipulate it, change it, and develop it, and He specifically called on man to do so. This is why we educate: so that man can build civilization on earth.

3 Ultimate Morality:

Jesus routinely announced that He was God, and during His teaching, He summarized all morality in a two-fold command: to love God with all we are and to love others as we love ourselves. Obviously, God’s ultimate moral command is perfectly concise and should drive all that we do and all that we teach our children.

4 Honor in All Work:

The Bible specifically communicates that we can do anything our hand finds to do to honor the Lord. No work, occupation, or field of study that is morally appropriate has any more or less value than any other. It is essential to teach our children this, and this is a value of First Baptist Christian Academy.

5 Man’s Ultimate Hope:

The Bible is clear that the hope for mankind is his being redeemed and restored to a right relationship with God through faith in Jesus as Savior. Only through such regeneration will mankind become all that he or she were created to be.

Imagine the product of mankind living according to this Biblical worldview. Following these will drive mankind to develop civilization, make phenomenal improvements to lives of people, and glorify God in all that he does all while looking forward to eternity in fellowship with his Maker.These five tenets of Biblical philosophy are foundational to the ministry of First Baptist Christian Academy. It is our vision to guide our students to understand them and to view the world through the lens of this truth.