Elementary School

FBCA has earned the reputation for being a school that upholds a high academic standard and guides each of our students to personal academic excellence. This reputation is the result of an instructional program balanced through years of practice. At FBCA, experienced and capable faculty use time-proven curriculum while implementing both innovative and traditional instructional methods that are effective. The FBCA teaching faculty are skilled with individually assessing the student’s performance and communicating with parents. FBCA curriculum places a strong emphasis in reading, writing, and math. FBCA’s elementary students consistently score higher than national and state averages on SAT10 testing.

Reading – FBCA teaches reading using the phonetic method. Teachers utilize AR (Accelerated Reader), Read to Succeed, and classroom book projects to enhance student reading performance.  Through these reading enrichment programs, students develop and refine reading skills such as fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Mathematics –Elementary math emphasizes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through oral and written drills as appropriate for the child’s mental development. Upper elementary will utilize fractions, decimals, percents, and metric units in problem solving.  Classroom activities provide practical application and establish the foundation for middle school math.

Writing – Kindergarteners learn to express themselves through journals and story prompts.  In first grade, students incorporate their ideas into original stories.  Second through fifth graders expand their writing and learn to summarize, compose letters, and write powerful paragraphs, essays, and reports.

History – Students in grades kindergarten and first are learning about community helpers and children/people around the world.  Second, third, and fourth grade study about America: our land, people, flag, freedom, states, and history.  Fourth grade also studies Missouri history. Grade five focuses on world history, viewing it from a Christian perspective.  Patriotism and democracy are two words often found in our social studies program.

Science – Science studies include demonstrations, experiments, projects, science fair opportunities, outside activities, and special guest speakers that give students an understanding of scientific principles.  Curriculum includes instruction in scientific method, life science, earth science, and physical science.

Bible – Bible is taught daily as a core subject.  Bible is a subject where students trace biblical themes and discuss their implications for everyday life. The Word of God is woven through our entire curriculum.

Technology – Beginning in kindergarten, students attend computer lab weekly and become comfortable with a wide range of applications, as well as basic keyboarding skills that they will continue to refine as they progress through the school. Younger elementary students use software to reinforce keyboarding, language arts, and math skills.  Middle elementary students explore word processing, presentation applications, spreadsheets, graphing, and presentation skills. Upper elementary students further develop their skills with computer applications and study coding, app development, robotics, and other applied technologies.

Art and Music – Art and Music classes include opportunities for our students in music, vocal, visual and the performing arts. These programs are active, fun, and academic. Through these programs, students are able to experiment, express themselves, explore and achieve personal goals through a variety of carefully designed curricular and co-curricular activities and lessons. Students also learn important fundamentals regarding music and art that prepare them for future success in these fields. All elementary students attend weekly art and music classes which often include several performance opportunities throughout the year.

Physical Education – Love of activity is best fostered in our youngest FBCA learners. Our PE program is specifically designed to introduce basic concepts of fitness, locomotor and nonlocomotor skills, as well as a variety of simple games and team sports instruction to build cooperation, strategy, and sportsmanship. Students attend two 45-minute PE classes each week.

Library – Weekly library class is wonderful opportunity for beginning, developing, and experienced readers to check-out books that interest them and help them grow as readers. Library class is a time each week when the librarian will read books for younger students and overview books for older students and help students individually check-out books that interest them. Open library is also a time each week when students can return to the library to return and check-out books.

Foreign Language