Principles & Program Overview


Successful schools are more than just diligent learning, a good philosophy, and capable teachers. Successful schools are both the product and producer of quality cultures, and three principles of the FBCA culture stand out as tremendous strengths. First, FBCA is intentional about being a Christian school. FBCA teachers and staff are committed to teaching students how God’s word applies to their learning and life, to continuing to adjust their own lives to Biblical truth, and to sharing the redemptive message of Scripture. Second, FBCA has a culture of academic excellence. Our teachers are diligent in teaching students essential skills and subject matter with effective instructional methods in a learning environment that cultivates success. Third, FBCA leaders, faculty, and staff lead a school environment that is loving, welcoming, safe, and learning oriented. All students are called to age-appropriate behavioral standards, and teachers and administrators are loving and effective leaders. These three principles are the strengths of the FBCA school culture, and these three principles have helped make FBCA a place of educational success where students love to go to school.

Program Overview

First Baptist Christian Academy consists of three school divisions.

The Early Childhood School has three grades including the Two-Year Old class, Preschool class for students who turn three years old in the Summer prior, and Pre-Kindergarten class for students who turn four years old in the Summer prior. The Early Childhood School is designed as a school with an age-appropriate curriculum from Abeka for each grade and a daily program schedule. Free play and play to learn activities are a part of this schedule, but instruction and class time are intentionally planned and prioritized. Students completing the Early Childhood School are completely prepared for success in Kindergarten.

The Elementary School includes Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. The Elementary School is designed on an academy or traditional school model in that students complete studies in the core subjects of Reading and Language Arts, Mathmatics, History, Science, and Bible. Classroom teachers for each grade utilize curriculum from Abeka and BJU Press to instruct their students. Students also attend special subjects throughout the week including: Art, Computer, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish. Fourth and Fifth Grade have the opportunity to join Band as an elective. Uniforms are required in the Elementary School.

The Middle School consists of grades sixth through eighth and is based on an academy or traditional school model. Students move from their grade level homeroom to different classrooms for different subjects. Teachers specialize in teaching specific subjects or groups of subjects, and the students have a variety of teachers throughout the day. All Middle School students study Bible, English, History, Math, and Science from BJU Press curriculum and are required to take Physical Education and Health. Each student is able to explore interests, talents, and gifts through a wide variety of elective subjects. Uniforms are required in the Middle School.