History and Philosophy


First Baptist Christian Academy (FBCA) began as a kindergarten for the local community in 1964. Mrs. Joan Hamlin served as the administrator leading it to grow to 18 sections of kindergarten. In the early 70’s , as the public schools began to offer kindergarten, FBCA expanded the academy to include a preschool program for three and four year olds as well as began to grow one grade level at a time completing the sixth grade in 2000.

With a commitment to Biblical education, effective instructional methods, and a learning environment that is effective, safe, and welcoming to students, FBCA has thrived through many years and many situations. God has blessed FBCA with commited leaders, faculties, and staff who are focussed on their ministry to students and on their pursuit of excellence. FBCA has been successful her mission in preparing students academically and spiritually to be leaders in their community. Today FBCA offers three school divisions including Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School. FBCA serves approximately 240 students ranging from two year olds through 8th Grade.


First Baptist Christian Academy is established on the conviction that the Bible is God’s word and the ultimate source of truth on all it addresses. It addresses innumerable topics either directly or in principle, and Biblical truth is the philosophical foundation of FBCA. From this philosophical foundation, FBCA leaders have established and continue a Christian school ministry which endeavors to develop students academically and spiritually who mature into Godly leaders that impact their communities for Christ.