2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Elementary/Middle School Tuition

Tuition Cost
Grades K — 8 $6,600.00
Second Child Enrolled $5,610.00
Third Child Enrolled $4,950.00
Fourth Child Enrolled $4,290.00

Elementary/Middle School Fees

Fee  Cost
Admission Application $80
Re-Enrollment $30
FACTS Tuition Management $20-$50
Text Books Included in Tuition
Student Planner Included in Tuition
Field Trips Included in Tuition
5th & 6th Grade Camp Included in Tuition
7th & 8th Grade Trip  Included in Tuition

*FACTS Tuition Management fee is per family depending on payment plan chosen.

Before and After Care services are available for a fee for all FBCA students.

Early Childhood School Tuition

Class 2-Year Old PS-PK
Half Day, TTh $1,850 $1,600
Half Day, MWF $2,350 $2,050
Half Day, M-F $3,600 $3,350
School Day, TTh $2,950 $2,600
School Day, MWF $4,300 $3,850
School Day, M-F $5,950 $5,100

Program Description
Half Day: 8:15 – 11:50
School Day: 8:15 – 3:15

Early Childhood School Fees

Fee Cost
Admission Application $80
Re-Enrollment $30
FACTS Tuition Management* $20-$50
Curriculum Fee Included in Tuition
School Supplies Included in Tuition
Daily Snack Included in Tuition
Lunch (S&E) Included in Tuition
Pre-K Field Trip Included in Tuition
Pre-K Cap & Gown Included in Tuition

Early Childhood School Discounts

Type Amount
Second Child Enrolled 15% Off Tuition
Third Child Enrolled 25% Off Tuition
Fourth Child Enrolled 35% Off Tuition