Meet the Staff

Administration and Support Staff

Brandon Tucker

Heather Doering
Elementary Program Director

LaRen Phelps
Early Childhood Director

Terry Schulte
Administrative Assistant

Caitlin Winkler
Student Services

Chris Urzi
Safety Officer

Christine Stratmann
Operations Coordinator Aide

Dani Dobbins
Student Health Services

Stefanie Bishop
Interim Operations Coordinator

Alicia Kiesling
Interim Operations Coordinator

Chelsie Matlock
Dining Services Manager

Elementary and Middle School Staff

Robin Parres

Christa Keener
First Grade

Cindy Burris
Second Grade

Linda Cino
Third Grade

Melissa Reed
Fourth Grade

Eunice Bawa
Fifth Grade

Rebecca Schnelle
Sixth Grade Home Room, Middle School Science & Math

Kelly Spraggon
Seventh Grade, Middle School Language Arts and History

Bev Hult
Middle School Advanced Math Teacher

Elinor Van Noord
Middle School Bible Teacher

Brandon Winkler
Middle School Elective Teacher

Katie Auld
Elementary and Middle School PE Teacher & Athletic Coordinator

Terri Carrington
Middle School Teacher

DJ Little
Middle School Elective Teacher

Sara Atherton
Music Teacher & Band Director

Jonathan Swan
Middle School Elective Teacher

Valerie Maasen
Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher

Lindsay Jewell
Elementary & Middle School Technology Teacher

Nikki Layer
Library Teacher and Student Tutor

Jeana Dixon
Spanish Teacher

Early Childhood Staff

Jessica Ruckel
2s Teacher

Diana Vandemark
2s Teacher

Sheri Bruner
Preschool Teacher

Nancy Maak
Preschool Teacher

Chris Anthony
Pre-K Teacher

Robi Clark
Pre-K Teacher

Angie McCarthy
Pre-K Teacher

Mandy Fath
Early Childhood Music Teacher & Before Care Supervisor

Tiffany Hajek
Early Childhood Aide