Drop Off and Pick Up

All children should be dropped off in the main school building office and signed in on the sign-in/out sheet. If the classes are outside, we will safely unite your child with their teachers.

When you arrive to pick up your child, please sign them out in the school building or on the playground (weather permitting). If children are inside, we will call your child to meet you. If children are outside, you may pick them up and sign them out at the playground area. A large yellow sign is posted on the outside door of the main entrance to alert you when we are outside. Weather permitting the children will be out on the playground until 4:00 pm.


The cost of lunch is included in the tuition. Elementary students may get an extra milk, juice, or entrée for an additional charge, if a form is filled out and signed giving your child permission to do so. Students attending summer camp will be required to bring a personal water bottle.


Sunscreen should be applied before arriving at school. Your child will need additional applications throughout the day, so please purchase a bottle of SPRAY to leave here at school. Spray bottles make it faster to apply to all the children instead of creams. Sunscreen will be reapplied before going on swim trips or outside in the afternoon. For safety purposes, we do not allow children to share sunscreen. If you have multiple children in different classes, please send separate sunscreen bottles for each child.

Dress Code

For the safety of students, no crocs, sandals, or flip-flops should be worn. Tennis shoes provide the best protection for indoor and outdoor play. Clothing should be modest. No short shorts or spaghetti strap shirts. Shirts, hats, or other apparel that carry a non-Christian message are not allowed. Swimsuits for elementary swim events should be modest, with no midriffs showing, preferably one piece suits for the girls. On pool/water play days at parks, all children must have an extra change of clothes to wear over swimwear to and from the pool or park.


Teachers will be reviewing academic work to help the students maintain the skills acquired during the previous school year.

Field Trips & Activities

Elementary students will have scheduled field trips. The morning of the field trip, an additional sign-in sheet will be with the regular sign-in sheet for you to sign. The added sheet allows you to give permission for your child to attend the scheduled activity, as well as give the billing office permission to bill your account. This form must be signed by the parent before the child is allowed to go on a field trip. Elementary students must leave and return on the bus/van. For safety purposes, parents may not drop off or pick up students at the field trip site. Fees for the field trip will be charged to your school account and you may pay with your regular weekly tuition payment.

Early childhood students will have the opportunity for water play in wading pools on school property. Special on-campus events will include cooking, VBS, ice cream truck visits, and blow-up water slide, to name a few. Early Childhood students will also have the opportunity to attend three field trips during the summer to local parks.

Behavior Expectations of Children

  •        Respect everyone, including staff and other students.
  •        Respect other people’s property, including church property.
  •        Follow directions given by staff.
  •        Leave toys, phones, and electronics at home.
  •        Have FUN!


If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of our FBCA offices.

636-272-3220 or